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Bonobo Meme

Sex is a dirty, taboo act that needs to be restricted to — No, scratch that.

The place you live now has a sex-friendly, sex-positive culture. Sex is a social activity often used to strengthen bonds and it's no big deal to discuss or indulge openly. It's always been this way — your character has grown up accordingly so there's no excuse for blushy blushy inhibitions. General physical affection that doesn't necessarily end in sex is also very highly encouraged and thought to better one's well being.

So go out there and touch someone. It's for the good of the group.


- Post a top comment, including the usual information in the header. Listing preferences for pairings, prompts, and kinks is also recommended.
- Tag around using the prompts provided or your own ideas!

  1. ANGER — Fighting with a friend and need to settle yourselves down? Maybe your friend is angry at something/someone else or even themselves! Take them aside and help blow off some steam.
  2. HAPPINESS — You're so happy you could kiss someone. That and more is a perfectly acceptable form of celebration!
  3. SADNESS — Someone's looking down in the dumps, but a little affection goes a long way.
  4. JEALOUSY — They can't have the one they want, but maybe you can take their mind off of them. Or perhaps you're the one being pined after and you feel like throwing them a bone?
  5. REMORSE — You've wronged them, they've wronged you. Now it's time to reconcile your differences and make up. By making out.
  6. FEAR — Whether in the middle of being kidnapped or just watching a scary movie, you'll hold them, comfort them, pet them a little... or a lot.
  7. ANXIETY — There's an upcoming big game/job interview/boss battle/other important event and someone's feeling jittery. Willing to lend a hand to help calm their nerves?
  8. CURIOSITY — Wow! This person really fits your type to a T, whether due to looks or their proclivities that you've discovered through frank discussion. Luckily, it's no big deal to tell them as much.
  9. GRATITUDE — You are bursting with it and ready to lavish it upon this person.
  10. LOYALTY — You've got their back; you'd never do them wrong. It's time to show it and foster some camaraderie.
  11. PLAYFULNESS — Tickle fights, cops and robbers, or distraction tactics for the workaholic in your life. It's all in the name of fun!
  12. BOREDOM — No seriously, you've been in this line forever. It's not like anyone around is going to mind a show, right?
  13. WE DO WHAT WE WANT — The obligatory wildcard option because this list is by no means exhaustive.
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hurt/comfort smut;
a multi-character post

Bruised. Beaten. Stabbed. Sapped of energy. Tricked. Mentally played and abused. Perhaps you've even seen your home world destroyed, depending on how Homestuck you are. Any way you slice it, characters go through a lot of crap.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to see them get pampered and taken care of when they're ailing. In canon, they may not have someone who can provide them with care when they're injured, support and love when they're sick, and physical intimacy all around. In this post, AU or other scenarios can provide them with a caretaking partner of their very own (or, maybe, someone to take care of, if the reverse is their preference). So, for once, weary traveler, you don't have to carry that weight all by yourself.

to bring you out of the darkness;

The injury may not be a temporary physical or mental one, however. Some characters suffer more deeply, even if they don't know it. Darkness covers their hearts, they're withdrawn, insecure, angry, or lonely. They need someone to reach out to them and show them unconditional love.

This post can provide that, too.

Whether it be the cliche and shameless "changed by your love" trope or something more subtle like getting someone to open up, the characters here can offer that and more. All are welcome, they just have to take that first step.

» Comment with your character, canon, preferences, and info about what your character's role would be, if you'd like.
» Reply to others.
» Thread.
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Dubcon meme

This meme is one big bastion of potential triggers, and this is your warning.

Whether it gets awkward and painful or if it goes perfectly smooth, generally speaking the basic fundamentals of sex are the same: there are two (or more) attracted parties who both decide to act on that attraction. If there's not attraction involved, there's still a mutual consent involved. If it's not mutual, there's a problem in the line somewhere...but what about when there's strong grounds for that mutual consent to be disputed on one or both sides?

Sometimes, things get a little bit (or quite a lot) dubious.

Step One: Post your character with Name/fandom/preferences, and be sure to consider just how closely to what side of dubious consent you're willing to walk (slightly dubious, or very obviously invalid)

Step Two: Others respond, rolling up or choosing a scenario.

Step Three: One or both parties get consent all muddled up.

Step Four: Deal with the fall out afterward, if you choose.

1-4 are more mutual dubious consent, and easier to walk the line of consent. 5-9 are more one sided and walk the line of non-consent.

1. Outside coercion - On display, or some perverted laws, or maybe there's a breeding facility of some sort.

2. Aphrodisiacs - Accidental or on purpose, one or both have been doused heavily in some sort of irresistible aphrodisiacs.

3. Biological imperative - Baby-making (or many attempts) must happen NOW. For the sake of children, or just to survive something.

4. Intoxication - Beer goggles and impaired judgement.

5. Illicit substances - Lack of any judgment whatsoever, nor probable recollection.

6. Sleeping - Sleeping may not be 'yes' but it's also not 'no'.

7. Control - Through actual control or some sort of blackmail, the 'yes' probably isn't sincere.

8. Trickery - Deceit and misrepresentation of one party to convince the other.

9. Manipulation - Bedazzle and confuse them somehow into saying yes when they normally wouldn't.

10. Wildcard - Some form of dubious consent circumstances not listed.


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